Save up to 2,700 gallons of water per year Installs in minutes No tools needed! EARTH® MASSAGE SHOWERHEAD (1.5 GPM) Powerful, two-setting massage spray showerhead that does not sacrifice performance for efficiency * LEAK DETECTION TABLETS AND TIPS Two moisture-resistant packets containing FDA-certified, nontoxic dye tablets are used to detect leaks in toilets. Instruction card also includes useful tips to fix leaky faucets. * KITCHEN SWIVEL AERATOR (1.5 GPM) Dual-spray functionality meets efficiency in this swivel aerator, including wide-spray radius and water-pausing on/off valve, perfect for washing dishes * (2) BATHROOM AERATORS (1.0 GPM) Half the flow, twice the power. Commercial-grade aerators for the home. * FLOW METER BAG Kit bag doubles as flow meter bag to identify water wasters throughout the home. You can see for yourself how many gallons per minute you are saving with your new, energy-efficient

Water Conservation Eco Kit

SKU: 0001
  • Money  back guarantees & 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. If the product stops working within 2 years of purchase we will replace it with a new unit.

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