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Water Conservation Rebate Program

Water Conservation Rebates

¹Rainwater Cistern. Requires the installation of a minimum one hundred (100) gallon capacity rainwater catchment tank or engineered cistern. Rainwater storage systems may not be interconnected with the City potable water system. Requires receipts of purchase, and photos of installed cisterns. Applicants must contact the conservation office for guidelines prior to installation of the system.

²Rain Garden (Passive). A minimum of fifty (50) square feet must be installed. A minimum of four hundred (400) square feet of stormwater needs to be redirected from the roof. Only native plants may be planted in rain garden, but catchment may also be rock lined. Rebate is for basin footprint. Applicants must contact the Conservation Office for guidelines prior to installation of the system.

³Turf Removal. Requires conversion from irrigated turf grass to water-saving landscaping, and, if irrigated, installation of an automatic water timer, backflow prevention device and drip or similar system. Applicants must contact conservation office for guidelines prior to removal of turf.

⁴Smart Irrigation Timer. Must use local weather data or soil moisture sensors to limit unnecessary outdoor watering, must be easy to use, and be EPA Water Sense approved.

⁵Ultra-Efficient Washing Machine. Washer must be on the City of Prescott Consortium for Energy Efficiency clothes washer qualifying product list at the time of purchase to qualify, and which can be found on the City website.

Water Resource Management

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Rebate applicants must have an active City of Prescott water account.
By submitting this rebate application you agree to and have read
the rules and conditions of the programs 
found HERE and at
There is a total limit of 25MB for all attachments.
For any documents you are unable to attach,
please email them to 
along with your submission date.
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